Research has shown that there’s real value in financial advice and that it provides an undeniable advantage to investors.

''Households that have an advisor have 2.1 times more financial assets than households that don’t1.''

''Households that have had an advisor for 15 years or more accumulate 290% more in assets (3.9 times more) than households that haven’t2.''

''Investors that have an advisor are more confident and more likely to have a comfortable retirement 
if they’ve received financial advice for at least 10 years3.''

''Advisors can help investors manage their emotions, which can add approximately 1.5% to portfolio returns4.''




All advisors operating under our banner are independent. They have access to a broad range of products from major Canadian mutual fund companies.*

Your advisor is fully equipped to see the big picture and understand it. They provide objective advice to help you create a plan for a future that reflects your goals and your priorities.

We only partner with advisors who wish to excel at their profession and are registered with the various provincial and national financial regulator bodies. Our teams ensure strict adherence to industry regulations and internal network policies and procedures.

Life is always changing, but you can trust that your advisor will be there for you. They know you and they know what you need. Their job is to help you make informed decisions so you can look to the future with confidence.

If your financial situation is more complex than the average investor, our advisors are tapped into a network of seasoned financial planners, notaries, lawyers and tax experts who can help you with every aspect of wealth management.

Your advisors are always pursuing high-level professional skills training so they can put the latest industry knowledge to work for you and provide quality advisory services that take market trends and your needs into account.



Your DFSI advisor will be pleased to meet with you. ​

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*Offered only by mutual fund registered advisors contracted through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.